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360 Verification System:
S7's proprietary platform for 3 Dimensional interactive visualization of retail stores, malls and other real estate properties.
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S7 software, in cooperation with 3D Window Dressing has developed a unique and powerful platform, able to show property assets directly on-line. Assets can be updated any time to show the latest changes to a property. The platform allows for integration with enterprise tools, or can operate as a stand-alone solution.
Fixture changes
Graphics changes
Property updates
Property managers, store personnel, merchandising professionals and marketing managers all can access their locations on-line and view the latest status and instructions. 360V plays well with other systems. Planogram images and data can be used to populate 360V.

Our experienced staff has designed many 3D interactive retail and real-estate projects all over the world, from Dubai to Amsterdam and Washington DC. We would be thrilled to help you as well!

Simple Steps to Implement
Our 3 Dimensional platform roll out is very efficient and simple

  • Create a 3 dimensional model of the space
  • Determine what elements require "on demand" change
  • Train designated users on update procedures